Tuesday, August 14

Soni Babita : )

Ghosh, I am actually thinking a lot to give introduction to this post coz at the end, seniors ho toh thoda sochna padta hai :P:P 

Joke apart, you both actually gave a new definition to the terms, ‘Juniors’ and ‘Seniors’. 

2 years, and you both completed a big chapter of your life. Just take a flashback, it will appear like a typical Hindi movie with love, friendship, laughter’s and many moments which changed your day upside down. 

I guess in this whole journey, do jan ne aapko bht pareshaan kiya namely, 

1.     Mr. Smiley (his smile speaks a lot, obviously you both know it far better :P)

2.     Ms. I can create troubles for you anytime, anywhere :D

Dekho, yeh dono ko aapne bhi pareshaan kiya, but thik hai, no complaints on the day of adieu.For him, you both were more than just Juniors, you learnt under him and he learnt from you too…

You spent your initial nervous days with him, and became the best of the friends later ..He has penned some words for you………
Few years, down the line,
When excellence will be asked to define,
Students will answer in two words only,
Answer will be “The Babita” and “The Sony” surely.

The girls which were interpreted as seeds,
But these ‘MASOOMS’ were ‘ACTUALLY’ the trees.
The trees which gave shed of relief to clients.
The trees which gave fruits of knowledge to interns.
The trees which gave fragrance of happiness from its flowers.

The duo proved the synergy effect is too short,
1+1 is beyond 3, this duo has effect of lot.
Even individually, they have lot of shine,
As said earlier, excellence they define.

You entered the office as new born girls,
Like they learn to speak, you learned the work,
Like the elders tells the stories, sir told the cases,
Like they study in school, you studied the acts.
Like elders test your learning, clients asked you queries.
Like they share their earning, you shared the experience.
Like they leave for marriage, you are leaving to reach new heights.
Like families miss their newly-wed girls, we miss you in office.

 Well yes, you have been so much fulfilling for us : )  

Now my turn :P:P:P:P you know, I can’t imagine myself in this office without you both, meri toh haalat kharab hoti….seriously :P 

I still remember, it was my first day and the only day when I came to office before time :D

 Sony (Yup I will spell it this way, maza ata hai) came with the keys and gave me a mast smile saying, “Hi !” 

Babita Madam ( hihihaha.. bht kuch yaad aya hoga Madam sunke) gave me warm smile and let me in…. 

The moment I saw the office in I was like……………….. you know my reaction very well. 
Obviously on the first day one remains silent and I did try to be so but thanks to Soni she made me speak my mind from the very first day…… 

If I look back na, I guess I found myself thoda thoda in both of you, I could relate to you very well coz you always tried to comfort me at every moment…You gals have seen me grow with you.Learning from both of you has been immense and I am serious this time. 

Babita, you were more like a mirror to me, which guided me all the time and made me realize my weak points and more important made me work on them.Babita you are a sheer sweetheart, soft, nurturing, hardworking, consistent and committed to your work. Looking at you, I became target oriented and I always till today of course can’t do something without getting it reviewed from you, ek confidence ata tha that yeah, Babita ko dikhati hu, she knows it well. I still remember how much we giggled when we were returning from ‘Sparklite’, raat k eek baje paagalpanti chalu thi hamari and most of the people thought we were mad in the train. Also, our guppa shuppa all through the days in GS. And I would always call you from there saying, “Babita bore ho raha hai, akele nai bhejneka :P” and you would laugh and say, “Nikita, sikhoge kaise?”  Oh yeah, I did learn a lot there. Then the various Audits we did together, I learnt that you seriously got a hell lot of patience, coz mostly meri mistakes silly aur repeated version hua karti  thi but still you would look at them and just say, “thik kar lo” and I would think, bas itna hi, thoda toh daato, but naa, you never shouted at me.I guess the only time you shouted on me that too solid wala was after Nira’s audit and I remember that day both of us did not speak to each throughout and even cried individually, but next day all normal between us. Your smile the moment I entered in office says me all ki aaj office ka environment kaisa hai.. and mind you, our giggling made my day, and we actually did a lot of girly gossip too…I will miss you yaar : ( 

On the other hand, Sony you actually made me feel like you are my elder sister. Oh yes, I proudly say that you have been an awesome elder sis for me, I consider myself at the same level as Vanita before you, coz both of us are silly and irritate you like anything, you will get annoyed for a moment but fir chilate chilate khud hi smile karke samjha dete ho…I remember every day till the time I don’t come and sit before your desk I don’t feel at rest.. I have shared some very good moments of my life.. you know me inside out and I have never have to think before speaking anything to you, if I make some errors you give me that ‘I know it all Smile’ and I realize oh fish, I made a mistake . We never worked together on any project I guess, but you always stood beside me as a support system. Btw even when you will leave na, I guess I will call out your name(the way I do, Soniiiii) in case I gotta know some shortcut to do something technical :P you are a database for my shortcuts :P:P.. you always made me realize that smartness does makes wonders : ) 

You both completed me in every sense..Today when you both are leaving this org, I can very well say you both will be a benchmark for the rest of us, that Interns ho toh Soni Babita ki tarah… 

Remember Soni?? The other day you said me that once you both are gone I have to follow your footsteps and things will be easy for me, but following four footsteps equally significant can never be possible…Love you both ….. 

In the end few lines by Mohit and me for both of you…  

 Tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi 
 Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Maane Tu Ya Maane Na......

Hope you liked our small sweet gesture : )


  1. Actually....
    Tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata KoiYoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi

    Miss you both too....

    Thank You so much...... Will miss You....

  2. Cant define the words to express wat m feeling at present…
    A Really Sweet gesture on your part .
    Hey Mr. Smiley you have been an awesum senior (Though you dnt like to be called senior but have to allow me today ) and a gr8 frnd to be with..
    Niks you are too genuine and gr8 at your heart…we just express out our feelings to you avehi… Forget about the mistakes I just remember the gr8 time that we spent at gs, sparklite, tax audits and wat not…
    Will bw a wonderful memory…Miss you both a lot….:)


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