Friday, September 13

Self realisation :) Glad !!!!

8: 02 pm : Left office (planned to catch 8: 10pm Kalyan )
Hoping to get a rick, got down and was walking along
However, Later realized, Oh, it's Ganpati Visarjan day, I guess won't get a rick today so easily
Started walking faster.... and faster...
saw through many visarjans happening :)
8: 07 pm: I realize I may not be able to catch the train, see a Ganpati exactly in front of me at that time and just have a mind talk with him, "Now, it's in your hand :P
Do something please "
Still walking.. Finally I actually make it up on the platform on 8: 10 pm exactly :)
Glad.. I forget everything else..(Typical human :P )
Waiting for the train .. Finally hear an announcement at 8: 12pm stating that my particular decided train is running late today :P
Am like .. shucks !!!
After exactly waiting for 5min I realize, Oh! That's what I wanted na ...
He actually did what I asked for :)
I was smiling like anything realizing this :)
My demand was so situational that I actually didn't realize he was with me :)
Did what I exactly wanted, I changed !!
Happily realized few things..
1. He is always there, besides you, there for you!
2. Demand when you are completely incapable of, not when you feel like it's not gona work (coz what you feel is just a mere possibility of what can be the reality, not actually the reality)
3. Don't give up so easily
4. At the end, don't forget you are human :P (After all this I was thinking... kash kuch aur maang leti :D.. ek toh suni bhi unhone :P)

Guess what ... train was actually 18min late :)
Left me glad !!!
He does so much for us :)