Saturday, March 31

haye Alaa !!

guess what??

a celebrity is on our client list..

well she just got her Return filed frm my firm..

thode din pehle when Manisha came up and said me that shes gona do  a Return done of This lady toh I was like, "Is she that celebrity, the one who does publicity stunts?"

she was surprised..

asked, "aese naam ki koi celebrity bhi hai?"

I was like 'gai behes paani mei'

office mei kisi ko b uske naam ka koi ata pata nai tha..

then achanak se today when Sirji was sitting besides me toh he got her call..

I was surprised as to with whom Sir as talking abt modelling income..

finally jab call khatam hua toh Sir said she was quite down to earth typo person..

I asked, "who?"

and Sirji told abt her..

getting cheesy I said ti Sir, "ek baar toh Madam ko hamare office mei ana chahiye" :-P:-P:-P:-P

well, dont worry its not Rakhi Sawant :-P:-P

but I cant reveal more now..

mere andar k CA k gun mujhe cheekh cheekh kar keh rahe hain, "bhul gai IPCC mei kya padha tha??..

Confidentiality is d foremost duty of  A CA..

abtak puri CA nai bani na..

toh itna sab bol diya ;-):-P

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He started running with a whole lot of enthu...>>Anology

I was driving my way back to home...

normally if I don't have my headphones I get super bored on the way back as I am tired...

So just while taking my wandering eyes around, a kid on the turn looked at me smiling..

I was surprised as I did not know him...

As soon as I took that turn he started running fast along with my gaddi...

This was too nostalgic for me, scenes I observed in school days while we went through our rickshaw and the kids in front would compete with bikers or at times try to climb the trucks...

we as kids would actually roar out to support them...

and this time he was competing with me...

taking care of all the doordrishti precautions I paid attention that he has a clear way ahead to run..
And I increased my speed...
He ran faster..

Looking at me, laughing....and shouting "Bhaagoo!!"

I was having my time...

Mind you he reached ahead of me...
coz I had to control the opposite traffic too...

I feel same does the one sitting up above...

He uses his doordrishti, ensures that we are safe, and then tests our capacity and 'never say die' attitude and makes us run...

depends on us as to how we react to him, how well we stare at him prepared beforehand that come on give a challenge..
and yeah, he enjoys it more when we laugh our way across...

Wow.. I am actually good at forming anologies...

Such super raapchik is life!!!


This is for those who are gona read my previous blogs....

wherever I have mentioned the "he" as the opposite person, it doesn't mean all are one and same..:P:P:P:P

Arre, I mean can't I have many he's around???


Look those posts are just random that make me smile endlessly...

So no judging, no teasing!!!!...:P:P:P:P

the morning worship..

There is devotion all around when I drive my way to office..

shopkeepers have these markable chores..

sprinkling water in front and on the counter to let positivity in..

doing pooja of d whole shop..


I just cnt stop smiling at how devotion creates so much of faith..

the faith that my morning will start well with his blessings..

the faith that He will make me earn better through the day..

His faith, His disciples, His world !!

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