Saturday, March 31

haye Alaa !!

guess what??

a celebrity is on our client list..

well she just got her Return filed frm my firm..

thode din pehle when Manisha came up and said me that shes gona do  a Return done of This lady toh I was like, "Is she that celebrity, the one who does publicity stunts?"

she was surprised..

asked, "aese naam ki koi celebrity bhi hai?"

I was like 'gai behes paani mei'

office mei kisi ko b uske naam ka koi ata pata nai tha..

then achanak se today when Sirji was sitting besides me toh he got her call..

I was surprised as to with whom Sir as talking abt modelling income..

finally jab call khatam hua toh Sir said she was quite down to earth typo person..

I asked, "who?"

and Sirji told abt her..

getting cheesy I said ti Sir, "ek baar toh Madam ko hamare office mei ana chahiye" :-P:-P:-P:-P

well, dont worry its not Rakhi Sawant :-P:-P

but I cant reveal more now..

mere andar k CA k gun mujhe cheekh cheekh kar keh rahe hain, "bhul gai IPCC mei kya padha tha??..

Confidentiality is d foremost duty of  A CA..

abtak puri CA nai bani na..

toh itna sab bol diya ;-):-P

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