Sunday, November 3

Linc that clicked :)

I struggle to open my eyes when I hear the sound on my room door, it was Mumma as I could sense out from the sounds of her bangles and movements, when suddenly I hear the outside door shut close, click, it would have been Dad leaving for work, freak !! so I missed the chance of giving him what I wanted to.

I sleep back convincing myself that maybe I can make it up at the dinner for the same, when suddenly I hear him coughing in the side room and am like Bang on, out of the bed, rush to the hall (eyes obviously half open and still trying to open them fully). I put my hand in the handbag and search for the pack, Got it ! rush to his side room where I find him tackle his accounts paper work (he normally manages this everyday morning after completing his morning walk, yoga, meditation, osho satsang, and during all this I do only one thing: Sleep :P)

I sit in front of him, legs lapped, and show him the pack.

"This was what I wanted to give you yesterday, Linc Viva pen, you no longer have to use the 10Rs. wala pens, now you are a big big big businessman !"

He listens to me smiling and opening the pack and nodding his head.

"I have had a word with the shopkeeper, he will arrange for the refills, and you don't have to worry for the same"

"This will look professional in your pocket"

He nods more and smiles more too :P

He flips the packet and looks at the price, 70 Rs!!!!!
"Inna mehenga pen kyu leke ai?"

And am like,"Abi bas, no behes, you got to use it, tell me how do you find it"

He looks at me, says, "Thank you :)"

Awwwwww... I so wish I could freeeze the time at that moment when he smiled and said that.
It is one of the best moments for me in 2013

Often while bringing us up our parents set aside their wishes, their choices just coz they want the best to be prepared for us.
There was a time when my Dad was a brand conscious in his 20's , now I often push him to get back to the same manner, he isn't sad ever, he isn't, for him it's more important that am happy, am comfortable.

Love you Dad :)