Tuesday, April 8

:) :) :) Love you bhai!

Rahul to me: get the blanket for me :)

Me (trying to avoid the look) :what? Did you say something? :P

Rahul: So you won't do it, ahaan, wait baby!

He took the charger of my tab and said, 'Get me the blanket or the charger is mine!'

Me (after some brainstorming :P) :One condition dude, give me the earphones, the ones u are using now, and I will get you the blanket.

Rahul :No

Me: Give me the charger then, else m not getting the blanket!

Rahul: I will give u the charger on one condition, and the condition is I won't give you the earphones ever :P

Me: are we playing checkmate checkmate :D
Knock yourself out, am not doing anything :P

Rahul after few minutes:
Gives me the charger
Gets himself the blanket
Shares the earphones

Awwwwwwww :) :)

I know, I have one of the sweetest brother in the world :-* 

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