Wednesday, July 24

Laugh triggerrers:

1. Rakhi (comes running in the Accounts Room, mumbling something):blah blah.....
Me: Kya hua...?
Rakhi: Main aapko boli thi...blah blah blah...:D (complains of her Boss)
Me (engrossed in my Lappi): Kya bol rae ho...
Rakhi (running out towards Boss's cabin): I love you...:P
Me: Han thik hai...

from behind...Anju on her PC: Kaay chaalle hai navin haan.. kaay chaallle kaay ..
Me: Laughing out loud :D:D
Anju: Deva.. kahich boltoy hai loka....
Me: Laughing out more louder...:D
Anju (Her trademark dailogue>): Hai Panduranga !

2. Rakhi doing her Payments follow up (she was fairly new at that time in the Accounts Dept but had tonnes of confidence to say "Mujhe sab aata hai")
Sushma : busy at her desk (She handles the Sales Dept)
Rakhi: Sushma yeh kya karte ho tum log yaar..
Sushma: Kaam :P
Rakhi asks her such a silly doubt which is followed by this dialogue ..
Sushma (leaving after solving her sillyness): kashi kashi thevta :p:p:p
 we: laughing out loud :D:D
We often use this dialogue now whenever someone does a silly thing around :P