Monday, April 2

what a start !!!

I open my eyes and the first person I see is ....

guess who???

geeta !!!

dont get surprised its not the Bhaagwad Geeta wali Geeta..

Geeta is our maid..

actually shes our cleanliness supervisor to be more precise..

and since last two months she was at her Gaanv...(village u c)

and mind u me and Muma would miss her everyday ..

all bcoz last months were so hectic at home that Geeta was the 'Most wanted' one..

we were just awaiting her since last week..

the moment she saw I woke up, she said, " deedee kaise ho?"

I was like ab toh finally I can be relieved..

nowadays maids are so much an imp part of our life...

Geeta love u that u r bck :-P

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