Tuesday, June 19


“I wish I clear my exams in the first attempt” said Rahul sitting on his couch.
“I will be the happiest person if I clear out, I really hope it happens that way” he added.
Ajay seemed indifferent to whatever Rahul just said.
“Are you even listening to me?? I am so tensed here” called up Rahul throwing the remote control on Ajay’s side.
“Ouch!! Oh yeah yeah I am listening, but for the fifth time since I have arrived at your place one hour ago, can you just tell me something new, I am too bored of the same thing again and again”
“No I don’t wish to talk about anything else, I hope I would be able to complete my portions before exams...these books are sending me horror signals!!”replied back Rahul.
“Ok answer me a few questions, Rahul”
“Would you be happy if your portions would be completed?” asked Ajay.
“Obviously Yes, I would be very happy, it would boost my confidence”
“What if you don’t manage to complete it?” demanded Ajay.
“I would get tensed and maybe I may lose my confidence and grip” said Rahul making tensed reactions.
“Suppose to add to your agony, your exams don’t go really good, how would you react then?”
“Don’t even dare to say that, I may end up leaving the course itself, failure is not my cup of tea, I will spend the rest of the months too much away from my comfort zone of mind!”
“There you go boy, the rest of the few months will be a horror for you for sure, mark my words!” Ajay said as he got up from the table.
“What makes you say that? Do you mean to say I won’t be able to complete my portions? Won’t I clear the exams?” said an alarmed Rahul as got up too.
“I am not saying that, your outlook says that!” Ajay said with a smile.
“What’s wrong with my outlook?” asked Rahul.
“If Nancy doesn’t call you up for a day, does that make you unhappy?” asked Ajay.
“Certainly, coz she’s my best buddy and talking to her is like a habit for me, if I won’t talk to her for a day, that makes me vacuumed somewhere” added Rahul as he got a bit lost in her thoughts.
“Oye, come back here, Nancy is good at her home” said Ajay as he shook Rahul.
“You wish to get an Apple Ipod if you clear your exams, right?”
“Yup, that’s an awesome thing, but I will get that only if I clear in this attempt”
“Have you lost it Rahul?” asked Ajay.
Rahul got puzzled, “What do you mean?”
To which Ajay replied back “How come happiness is so much a product of your wishes being fulfilled?”
“How come your wishes have no relation in your mind with your efforts?”
“And how come your wishes are about so much narrow aspects?”
“You know Rahul, you are like that artist who will be satisfied only when his painting would be sold that too at a good price coz the moment you take the brush in your hand you think about the price”
“Enjoyment to you is so much calculative, if wishes fulfil, good enough, and if they don’t what follows is a series of agonies and sorrows”
“Wake up, still time is not lost!”
“Take control of your mind which makes happiness a product of the hopes and doesn’t enjoy it as a feeling”
“When was the last time you looked at your books with a motive that studying them is going to be damn exciting?”
“When was the last time you wished on a morning that you study hard today, and enjoy the whole portions?”
“I think that day hasn’t seen the sunlight in your life as yet!”
“I am not saying stop wishing, no ways, coz wishes are something which add colours and those just awesome feel good feelers in your life”
“Wishes lead to you dreaming or at times living that thing and dreams are those vibrant energies we emit towards the Universe, but your wishes have tensions as attachments, if your energy emitted itself is tension accompanied, in what manner you expect it to return back to you?”
“Wish for sure, but wish something which adds to your present and not to your uncertain future”
“Don’t make your happiness a product of your future wishes but a part of your present life”
“Tomorrow when you get up, just say these few things:
I will keep myself as much happy and composed as possible, and I hope my day goes full of enjoyment with interesting subjects to study, exciting sums to be solved”
“Give yourself a smile and start your day, and then see how better and satisfied the days will go for you, coz everyday you will complete your wishes and that too happily.”
“Make happiness as a habit and you will start attracting positivity which in turn will boost your confidence and give you the strength to face the challenges”
“Mere dost, use your mind effectively rather than getting carried away by your mind”
Rahul was amazed and floored by whatever he heard so long.
“How come you manage to make life so much simpler?” asked Rahul smiling endlessly at Ajay.
“You just gave me the solutions I needed, though it will go slow but now I think I can do it all”
He just went and hugged Ajay and said,
“You are the only best friend of my life Ajay yaar! You are the best! You care about me so much”
“Arre Rahul, main philosophical banta hoon tab tak thik hai, tu yeh senti mat ho ja, bichari Nancy ka kya hoga??”
They just laughed out loud.
This was just a piece of fiction to make you understand the silly mistakes of life we attempt.
Don’t make your happiness so much dependent on your future or rather your endless wishes.
Let happiness be your asset, always there with you just without any depreciation.
It’s you who can create expressions of life, and Happiness is an expression.
Enjoy every moment of life.
Enjoy it when you have too many things to complete, just laugh them out.
Your smiles and laughter are like swords for against your tensions and agonies.
Wish !!..
But wish or dream something that you enjoy the small moments that give those feel good feelers.
Wish something which provokes you to live lively.
Just as those lines say from the movie “Life is a Metro”..
“In dino..
Dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha...
Tu ...khwab saja...
Tu jile zara!!!”

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