Monday, May 27

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands :):)

Bonjour Readers! :*
I know it’s been pretty much long since you had something from me to make your mind wander upon :P
Well, it’s never too late, here I am

The title of my blog will kinda take you in flashbacks.
It was a song(I don’t think it was exactly a poem) we used to sing bachpan mei…(I used to hop singing it every time I clapped :P )
I am happy today … hash.. It feels lovely, not coz something good just happened; I just realized I don’t need certain benchmarked reasons to be happy…I can create my own reasons to be happy….
Yesterday was pretty dull, well last many weeks were so.
Eventually I thought it’s better to speak out my mind to someone, and the next thing I did was just buzz one of my friend  and while I was telling him my ram kahani :P (dukh bhari :P), he just asked me, “What makes you happy ??”
Though the chat didn’t go on the same lines but after I was done I was actually left with this question, “What makes me happy?”

Let me tell you, it’s heck of a tough question to think upon especially when you are saturated and down low…

I went for a bath thinking over it …I have a habit of listening songs while I bath . (Typical me :P)
Yesterday though they were loud in the background I was lost in my question thinking, Damn, what makes me happy!!
And suddenly this song came up, ‘You are my sunshine’ (remixed version of it)
And I started dancing over it .. that made me realize, Dance is the foremost thing which makes me happy J
I love dancing…I don’t imitate the exact steps.. no no.. :P.. I dance my own way… And I don’t give a damn to who’s around, Dancing is something which can make me absolutely unconscious of the people around.. I don’t need even a company for that, I just need a good peppy tune and am on the dance floor… maybe coz am least conscious my relatives often say it’s a pleasure to see me dancing :P (self pamper ;)) ..That’s one reason at times I love item songs.. they have good beats to dance upon… and its one thing I prefer starting my day with .. I have a habit that during my breakfast in the morning, there will be music channels running on my screen and once am done with the eating stuff and Mumma asks me to help her with her chores I prefer doing them dancing around my home (My Mumma loves dancing ditto like me.. maybe I have got it in me from her :P)

While the song just ended and the next one came up which was, ‘You are beautiful’ by James Blunt I made another realization..
Singing makes me happy
J (bathroom singer:P)
I was singing it loud coz I loved it …
Singing is somewhere deep in me, Mom often says I should give it a try in Indian Idol.. Though I need some formal training but am pretty good at it …
I do shy away from singing in public, don’t know why, but I will work on it as yes, it makes me happy :P

Sochke yeh b pata chala, Studying makes me happy…
Especially something in Finance…
when am completely lost in my books with no deviation affecting me around I am at a bliss …
And more often even if I study for an hour or so and it was worth it I can dance around .. inni khush ho jati hu :P
Moreover researching is something that works for me... I have analyzed in the last three to four presentations I did that when I research something as in go deep into some concept and that adds whole lot of value to my knowledge I am at absolute happywali state of mind…
I know it sounds weird as to how come studying makes me happy but yes it does to me

Then there are other minute things which make me happy like looking at the mirror (that’s girlish.. :P but works)
Going out on a trip with certain groups of relatives makes me super happy … (special mention: my travel partner Varsha Rohra.. jaan tere bina trips pe maza hi nai ata :P)
I am happy when am in the air … yeah .. adventures involving me in the air make me overwhelmed .. there was a time I had Acrophobia .. but over the last two three years I have been trying all sorts of adventures involving me in the air … it takes me on a high :P.. I get super excited.. haan once am on the edge I do over react in fear and then there is a typical znmd scene where I ask the instructor to push me :P… I have done this quite a few times :D

And after thinking over all the above the next thing which came to my mind was to share all of this with my readers … bingo.. I am happy when I blog
It actually helps me.. I love writing, though these days I find time a bit taxing but still writing helps me relieved of stress and brings back a wide smile ….

I am happy when I have a good chat with my close friends … as time passes by, we get less of a time for people around us… still if I manage to have a good chat.. it helps…

Tough once but easy now.. I got so many reasons which I can help myself to be happy …
Creating happiness for yourself is easy… handy too :P
Instead of trying to change people around or expecting from them you yourself can have all your deserved khushi…
and there will be a stage where thinking about these happy-making activities itself will make you khush :P
I am at that stage now …
I am happy and I know it and I really want to show it :P
I would love to know what are the things that make you happy J
We will clap our hands then for sure :P;)

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