Friday, April 6

Problem is in others and not us !

He just pounced in saying that I broke down again yesterday..

ask him reason and he narrates how one of his friend on which he was trying just went ahead with someone else..

all through the chat he said that I just wana get rid of my life...

that I am not that good and that's why this happens..

Hang on !!

Were you a problem??

or others have a problem that they can't decide what they want in life??

How can we judge yourself only by how others react to us..

If somebody is not talking to me for a while that doesn't mean that I am the problem..

So if somebody just preferred somebody else over you its his/her personal choice..

Not that you lacked anything..

Maybe she wanted the other guy..

I rather feel instead of making judgements over how others react one should directly clarify his take on the situation and ask the other person's opinion...

And besides we should become less needy of people.....
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