Thursday, January 2

Happy Birthday My Bessht Brother of the World :P

Ae Bhai tera Bday aya :D:D:D
Rahullllll.... wish you a very Happy Birthday JJJJJ
Am so so happy to have you as a younger brother..  I have been very much Nostalgic since last few days thinking of all the way down to the day you were not yet born . :P
I remember, looking at all the cousins around having siblings I would come home saying, “Mumma meko bhai chahiye.. laake do na :D” (My silly innocence :P;))
Then there was this day when Mom was taken to the Hospital and I reached home from School and was just not ready to get in home as I was crying out, “Mujhe bhai dekhna hai...leke chalo” (I remember they had to drag me home as I was shouting out loud in the whole building :P)
And those days when we would spend all day arguing ki naam kya hona chahiye and then Bade Chachu and me finally decided ‘Rahul’
I was just so much into an ‘Awwww’ moment when I saw you in the Hospital .. ekdum Angrez :P
And then everytime I used to take you in my lap and sit playing around ...
I used to tell all cousins around, “Dekho meko bhi abhi bhai hai”
You were obviously born with a silver spoon.. Pampered till date :D
The lucky Mascot of our family, as rightly said by Dad
Being a Capricorn, you are typically money minded, one of a kind who directly demanded hard cash on Birthday instead of any gifts citing that I will buy my stuff on my own..
 And then your Foodie habits which over the time brought out the foodie in me too :P
Your way of sleeping on the bed, taking whole of it by yourself and I have to always yell, “Where should I go and sleep, down??” And your reaction would be, “Why down , you can sleep out :D”
The way every night we don’t sleep till we are done with our Gappa Goshti of your fantasies, your friends, my office chores and what not
Then your typical dialogue when I would come home frustrated over something and not respond to you and you would just give me this tough look saying, “Office ki frustration ghar pe mat utar”
Your silly innocence yesterday saying, “Nikita, you know many people don’t write anything on my wall (Fb) but then Birthday pe pata nai kaise main unko yaad ajata hu :D”
You are my Secret Box (And mind you, you have promised me you won’t blackmail me with any of them :P”
Awww... Am just Loving this Nostalgic mood ..
Happy Birthday my Basanti :P

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