Saturday, March 22

Talks along the moon gazing

In this so called bhaagdaud of zindagi
We get so engrossed
So tired
So occupied
That we at times forget how to slow down
How to look around
How to talk
Rather how to converse
Beyond the boardrooms, beyond the meetings
We forget there's a gear called reverse

We just want to run ahead
I wonder at times
Run ahead of whom
Peers? I bet life will go in vain
Ourselves? From when did we become so self motivated :P
Time? Why? When did time declared a race?

Ofcourse there are deadlines
There are targets to achieve
But we don't look at the bigger picture
Neglecting relations ready to breed

When was the last time you spoke for long to a purana frn
You laughed hard with ur bestie saying, ''stop stop! My stomach aches!''
Gave a budding relationship a thought and effort
Gave a listening ear to an elder often gazing at the clock
They aren't running though
They are waiting for their time to pass
Coz loneliness hurts
It Vacuums the heart

All I want to say is
Ruko bhi zara
Kahan hai bhaagna
Hum kahan thehre Singh Milkha
Hum toh hain vo aam log
Jo gum ho jaate hain aksar bhid mei
Isiliye keh rahi hu
Mere liye na sahi, apne liye hi
Kabhi kabhi
Thodi batein kar lo
Thoda dil bhar lo
Thode patang udao
Thodi doston ki udao
Thoda khudpe bhi haso
Thoda unke sath b haso
Kyunki kise pata
Kal ki subah ho Ya nahi

Jaate wakt kahan yeh targets yaad aayenge
Kahaan yeh deadlines hasayengi
Khush karengi toh bas kuch yaadien
Kuch lamhe
Jinhe jina aur bataurna bhule ho
Soch lo
Relative analysis karo
What will make u happy in those last few moments :)
I bet! U will end up having a cup of coffee with a loved one after u have read this!!

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